ZomBerry Commercial

I’ve finally finished that ZomBerry Commercial I’ve been working on!

Some noteworthy notes:

  • Blender, After Effects, and Photoshop were used in its creation.
  • That’s me as the doofus being terrorized by ZomBerry. Heather did most of the camera work and is super patient with constantly being bugged by me asking “does this look OK” throughout the process of working on these things. My friend’s Megan and Keeley were nice enough to let us shoot in their kitchen (they’re the best).
  • I had photo scanned the kitchen using Polycam in order to get some quick geometry in Blender that matches up with the video footage the 3D elements were composited into.
  • The music and sound effects are from Triune Digital.
  • I had storyboarded out the entire short on my old iPad in Procreate. You can see the storyboards below.