So long Wanana, LLC!

Welp, after a few of years of indie game dev, I’ve decided to take a break and focus on some of my other interests. With that understood, I’ll be removing the games I have for sale on the App Store & Steam, and will be dissolving Wanana, LLC. My free games that are available on will remain as is.

Also, it’s nice to have a place to jot down my thoughts and progress on things so I think I’ll keep this blog around in order to continue doing that. 🙂

Hello World

I really enjoy making games so I setup Wanana, LLC to start publishing them under. For the last decade or so I’ve worked on various game projects, mostly as a hobbyist with friends, and am really excited about this endeavor. A few VR games are in the works and the goal is to have one self-published within the year.

Stay tuned!