Cat Flip Book Progress

Some quick progress shots of the cat flip books I made last week. The animation was done in Blender using its Grease Pencil tool. Drawing with a mouse isn’t great so I used Astropad and an iPad to make drawing quite a bit easier. The pages were printed on a card stock by the old HP LaserJet printer my friend Keeley gave me a while ago. The holes were made using a screw punch and plain old string was used for the binding.

These were a lot of fun to make and I’m pretty excited to see what folks do with them. Heather said she was going to color hers — which will be neat to see. 🙂

2018 ADDY Animations

Here are a bunch of random animations I did for the 2018 Charlotte ADDY Awards.

I made a bunch of different variations of Penrose Triangles rotating around — which was a lot of fun to figure out. Only one version is seen in this video tho.

For the awards I also made an app in Unity that allowed users to control these characters using an Xbox Kinect. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the projector we had working within the venue’s space so that whole experience was scrapped — but it was fun to build and maybe we’ll use it on something else in the future.