Felt-tipped Marksman

Felt-tipped Marksman is a Flash animation I did about ten years ago. I assumed the files were lost forever when I didn’t see them on the old hard drive I was going through the other week. I was over the moon when I found them hiding in my Dropbox folder when I was tidying that up the other day! I really need to go through more of my junk drawer folders and see what other goodies are laying around.


This is a bit of a throwback. I was going through an old hard drive and found this animation I did while I was at Studiobanks. From what I remember this was used as a commercial/promo for Studiobanks that played at the ADDY Awards in 2008.

My bud Keeley Carrigan did all of the character designs which were apart of a t-shirt/sticker/mural branding thingie we were doing at the studio at the time. In our office’s foyer we had a huge vinyl decal made of his design that was really something to see.

A wooden background was actually a design element we used in all of the company’s branding. In fact, a wood background was used in almost every version of studiobanks.com that we made.

It was really neat seeing this again. I had a lot of fun working with Banks and all of those dudes for that chunk of my life.