So long Wanana, LLC!

Welp, after a few of years of indie game dev, I’ve decided to take a break and focus on some of my other interests. With that understood, I’ll be removing the games I have for sale on the App Store & Steam, and will be dissolving Wanana, LLC. My free games that are available on will remain as is.

Also, it’s nice to have a place to jot down my thoughts and progress on things so I think I’ll keep this blog around in order to continue doing that. 🙂

Starting the Steam Submission Process!

I’m excited to report that my Steamworks Developer account has been approved and I’m currently going through the process of submitting the shooter game, which is now titled Toy Gun Office Simulator, to Steam! Here’s a taste of the game’s description:

Toy Gun Office Simulator is an action VR shooter where you test your mettle in four unique, atmospheric levels. Improve your sharpshooter abilities and survive as many waves of targets as your can!

I’d like to have Toy Gun Office Simulator released by the end of August — which nearly meets the “have one game self-published within a year” goal I had about a year ago when I setup Wanana, LLC.

Hello World

I really enjoy making games so I setup Wanana, LLC to start publishing them under. For the last decade or so I’ve worked on various game projects, mostly as a hobbyist with friends, and am really excited about this endeavor. A few VR games are in the works and the goal is to have one self-published within the year.

Stay tuned!